My Plan B

Due to the global pandemic, New York State executive order mandates that all photography services are suspended until further notice. As of this writing (5/22/2020), photography services will be part of Phase 2 of the reopening plan. However, social distancing guidelines will be required for everyone's safety and therefore I do not anticipate being able to offer newborn photography until social distancing guidelines are lifted. My newborn sessions are very hands on and (as hard as it is to wait) I will have to keep my newborn photography on hold until it is deemed safe.

My first thought is to think of all of those lost moments..the little hands and feet that will grow...the changes that occur so quickly after the first few weeks of birth. But I remind myself and my clients that as much as we treasure photographs, health and safety is more important. There will be a day when I can photograph newborns again....and I am committing RIGHT NOW to doing something special for all those families that are not able to have professional newborn portraits due to Covid. I don't know how or what yet...but stay tuned. My commitment to families with babies born during this pandemic is that I will make a new and better service for you. I PROMISE you that.

In the meantime, I am looking to broaden my photography to services that can be provided in a socially distanced fashion. In order to adhere to NYS guidelines, I will be able to offer socially distant photo sessions when Westchester County opens up for Phase 2. Since we haven't even gotten to Phase 1 yet, I am definitely thinking ahead but I want to plan now and be ready to go when I can! Of course, my plan will have to be fine tuned as necessary to adhere to any new guidelines, but I am hoping to offer the following:

2020 Grad Portraits and Family Sessions

Graduate portraits and family sessions can definitely be socially distanced. I have all the right lenses and hi quality cameras to shoot at a distance (figure at least 10 feet away) and still capture wide shots, closeups and everything in between. I feel very confident in being able to do this safely. The precautions I will take are:

- Outdoor sessions only at your residence

- I will wear an N95 mask the entire time

- I will stand at least 10 feet away 

2020 Seniors, get those caps and gowns ready. Families, wear your smiles.

For more information, please email or call anytime.



914 831 7039