What is the best age to photograph my newborn?

Newborns are most easily posed under 10 days of age. In order to secure this time frame, clients retain my services during their pregnancy. My sessions (props, etc.) are designed for the newborn but we will discuss alternatives if your child is no longer a newborn.

Do you hold my baby?

Yes. I am very hands on and have tons of professional and personal experience working with newborns. I will need your help to position your baby safely and comfortably because multiple hands are always better.

What time of day will you be photographing my baby?

I book one session per day, typically beginning at 10AM on weekdays.

Should my newborn be awake or asleep during the session?

Most newborns will sleep right through everything. It is also absolutely fine if your baby is awake. The most important thing is that your baby is calm and soothed. A feed right before we start shooting usually does the trick.

Will the baby be naked the entire time? 

Mostly yes. I will discreetly hide cloths (that are meant to be soiled) underneath and you will select the color for the soft newborn wrap and newborn accessories that I will bring. It is not a problem if your baby soils the items I bring. That's what babies do. Everything I bring is machine washable and cleaned before I start a new session.

It is also very important to keep your baby warm and comfortable during our session. Depending on the season, it is usually best to pump up the heat a bit. I can also bring a heater for the room (blowing away from the child, but warming up the room). Parents should dress for the warmer temperature.

What happens when you arrive?

I will need about 20 minutes or so to bring in my equipment and set up. Most importantly, I will look for the spot with the best light to shoot. If need be, I will have lights and reflectors with me to compliment the natural light. I will also show you various options for props, backgrounds and clothing so that you can select two options for shooting. Then, I wash my hands with soap and warm water and the fun begins.